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Ferienwohnungen - Private Vermietung

Kärntner Qualitätssiegel

Holiday with friends – Farm holidays

Here you will enjoy a holiday on our small farm! We offer our guests:

  • "Holiday with friends" – we address our guests informally!
  • Comfortable furnished holiday homes, honoured for its high quality by the private landlord-organization with 4 suns!
  • Children’s paradise on our "small farm" – where they can pet, feed and just love our animals!
  • Wellness & sport including – infrared sauna, Nordic walking, bicycles ...!
  • "From the mountain to the lake"– guided hiking tours and cycling trips in our beautiful neighbourhood!
  • Bathing pleasure – at the nearby Faaker See, Wörther See and at the romantic Aichwaldsee!
  • Our surrounding area offers various possibilities to make an excursion – golfer will also indulge themselves in the pleasure of playing golf!
  • Winter activities – at the nearby skiing areas!
  • Enjoying home made specialities – home made farm products.

Quality is very important to us!

Kärnten - Qualitätssigel

The 4 suns symbolize first-class companies with a comfortable interior
and personal atmosphere, where the guest feels very good.


Carinthia – Symbol of quality


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